The Need For Transitional Housing

Crucial for Long Term Success

We provide a service called "Transitional Housing" at Souls Harbor. Transitional housing is exactly how it sounds, a long term housing strategy to help residents transition from one lifestyle to another. Our program is a minimum of 12 months and during their stay, the residents receive help and guidance for issues that are not an overnight fix. 


Residents can rarely break the cycle of addiction and homelessness on their own. Transitional housing allows for a focused environment with accountability where residents can push one another and truly dedicate themselves to soberness and getting the help they need. Residents can make large strides in rebuilding their lives with the low cost of living through our housing. Additionally, residents can develop life skills and receive counseling to heal past traumas, a crucial stepping stone for many residents in their journey of healing and recovery. 


There is a desperate need for more transitional housing for two reasons.


1. It is extremely improbable that someone can recover and fully break free from addiction and homelessness without transitional housing.


Transitional housing provides needed benefits such as:


  • Accountability

  • Life & Career Skills Development

  • Emotional Support

  • Help Finding a Job

  • Counseling & Case Management


2. The availability of transitional housing is decreasing at an alarming rate.


Over the last five years (since 2015), the number of temporary housing beds (Emergency Shelter, Safe Haven, and Transitional Housing) has decreased by 9%.

With the decrease of transitional housing opportunities, Souls Harbor is committed to stepping in the gap. We believe that our services are desperately needed more than ever before. This is why we are committed to adding additional beds and services over the coming years. 


These reasons are why Souls Harbor exists and why we provide transitional housing as part of our services.