Our History

Souls Harbor was originally founded in 1989 as a homeless shelter for men in need of housing and food.  In 2015, we became a refuge for men seeking long-term support.

Souls Harbor is now a Christian transitional community, providing shelter and care for men in recovery.  

We consider ourselves a safe, sober living community, where we give our residents a hand up, not a hand out.  In order to gain a true foundation for recovery, our graduates stay at Souls Harbor for four months to one year depending on their individual needs.

Our Mission

To come along side of men who are seeking freedom from addiction by providing personalized programs that transform their heart, mind, body and soul.

Our Vision

To provide a safe place for men to flourish in Christ.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Souls Harbor is to remember that all men are created in the image of God, thus all men matter regardless of their background. That healing and restoration are found through a multi-faceted approach involving: faith, counsel, personal development and accountability. We have established Souls Harbor’s Vision and Mission on this philosophy and it’s this philosophy that drives all that we do.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is reaching men who have struggled with drug addiction, mental illness and substance abuse through long-term Christian transitional housing.

Problems We Serve

substance abuse

Many of our residents have a history of substance abuse, alcoholism, and some form of addiction.


We give residents a reliable shelter and equip them to build a budget, make wise choices, and invest for their future.


We help our residents heal from the trauma of their past by providing professional counseling, case management, and recovery groups.

Self Care

While we are not a health care facility, we encourage our residents to work out, eat healthy, and develop healthy patterns for the rest of their life.


We offer level 1 and level 2 DUI educational classes designed to help for those who have been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication.


Souls Harbor is a faith-based organization and we provide devotionals, Bible studies and faith-led activities to encourage our residents to love and serve God.

Relapse Prevention

We equip our residents with the tools they need to prevent a relapse by identifying triggers, controlling impulses, coping with stress, and setting healthy boundaries.


We provide a safe place that is sheltered from outside influences. This protective environment encourages the men to focus on their recovery and well-being.


We believe in keeping our financials out in the open for transparency and integrity. See the figures to the right for a breakdown of our income and expenses. If you would like to see a financial report, please don't hesitate to ask! 

Our Staff

Our dedicated team of people who change lives and have had their changed too.

Our Board

Our Board is made up of local community members who are invested in seeing the mission of Souls Harbor delivered in NWA, for the betterment of our men, our community, and Gods Kingdom.

Aaron Tucker

Vice President
Alpha Green

Kameron Keesling

Sam's Club

Josh Duncan

NWA Psychotherapy

David Atkinson

Tyson Foods

Kristi Brown


Find Us

Located in Rogers, AR across from the House of Webster.

1206 N 2nd Street, Rogers AR