Out Patient Counseling

We Meet You Where You Are

Recognizing that people at different points in the recovery process need different levels of care, Souls Harbor NWA now offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) from 6pm-9pm, Monday thru Thursday for 12 weeks. Souls Harbor NWA’s IOP is designed for adult men with alcohol and drug problems who do not require more intensive levels of residential treatment.

We provide successful treatment options for working adults.
Alternatives to inpatient treatments.
Continuum of care for clients leaving residential treatment programs.
Alternatives to inpatient treatments.
Continuum of care for clients leaving residential treatment programs.
Continuum of care for clients leaving residential treatment programs.

Substance Abuse Assessments

At Souls Harbor NWA, our primary assessment is the ASI (Addiction Severity Index). This assessment is used to help counselors understand the severity of issues related to chronic substance abuse in these main areas:


Group Therapy & Individualized Treatment Plans

Group sessions include both psycho-educational and process groups on important recovery topics. In addition to group sessions, each client will work with a dedicated counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan. Treatment plans identify unique problems of each client with treatment goals and time specified action plans.

Counselors will help clients learn to:

Understand Addiction as a Disease
Identify Triggers
Control Impulses
Address Cravings
Prevent Relapse
Cope with Stress
Improve Self Care
Improve Communication Skills
Set Healthy Boundaries
Identify and Manage Anger, Depression, and Anxiety
Increase Self Esteem
Continue support through aftercare and 12 step programs

DWI/DUI Level 1 & 2 Group Therapy

for Drivers License Reinstatement

All DWI/DUI offenders in Arkansas must complete a state-licensed treatment program.

Types of Group Therapy
  • • Level 1 - 12 hours in length
  • • Level 2 - 15 hours in length​
Requirements & Registration

Group therapy requires a pre-registration and payment. Walk-ins (without pre-registration and pre-payment) are not accepted at class.

  • The cost of group therapy is $150.00. NO REFUNDS.
  • Group therapy will be held the 4th weekend of each month.

Group Therapy Times

9AM - 5PM
30 min
lunch break
9AM - 5PM
30 min
lunch break

Additional Outpatient Mental Health Services

People with substance use issues may often find themselves struggling with other behavioral health issues that can impact addiction and be a detriment to recovery.​

At Souls Harbor, we provide individual therapy for co-occuring disorders alongside our evidence-based addiction treatment. Our counselors utilize a variety of therapy modalties to help clients cope with life stressors and past trauma that can hinder the recovery process.

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We are an approved in-network provider for Ambetter and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.