Future Developments

Expanding Our Reach

We are growing quickly.

The demand for our services is growing rapidly as Northwest Arkansas grows. We have our eyes set on growing our facility and our ability to offer more recovery services to both our residents and outside patients. We have some big goals that we're strategically praying and planning for, growing an out patient program, expanding our dorms to house more men, and growing a learning activity center to enable us to increase our educational components and programs. See below for our vision towards the future and please consider giving to support where we are headed! 


New Out Patient Program

Starting with an initial test-run in the fall of 2021, Souls Harbor is preparing to offer a comprehensive and evidence based intensive outpatient treatment program for both residents and the local community in the Spring of 2022.

  • The ultimate hope for the program is that it can serve as a next step in the continuum of care when completing an inpatient addiction treatment program, or a step up from an outpatient level or care.
  • The initial program will consist of a four-day, 12-hour, weekly therapy program lasting 12 weeks long and include recovery counseling, group and individual therapy. Bible study and life-skIlls training.

Housing Expansion

Souls Harbor currently houses 20 men and is in the process of finishing out additional dorm space with the hope of doubling capacity by the end of 2021.

  • Housing expansion would allow Souls Harbor to impact twice as many families and men in the area of Northwest Arkansas.
  • Souls Harbor also hopes to eventually provide room for Tiny Homes on site.

Learning Activity Center

As part of our commitment to help residents develop life skills and gain employment, Souls Harbor is looking to add a Learning Activity Center where residents can take online courses and utilize modern technology to advance their careers.

  • The Learning Resource Center will consist of computer stations and quiet space for residents to learn and study.

Let's change lives in Northwest Arkansas together.

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