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How to get involved

Souls Harbor is built on the generosity and support we receive from our local community. Whether that is bringing a meal, teaching a class, mentoring a resident, becoming a monthly partner, or volunteering your time, we can't do it without you! Read below for a few ideas of how you can help Souls Harbor grow! 

Give Time

Provide a Meal

Preparing a nutritious meal for our residents in our commercial kitchen (or bringing a meal from a local restaurant) is a wonderful way to volunteer your time and contribute to our growing need.


You can use ingredients from our food pantry. We recommend coming in 1-2 days before you are scheduled to cook to defrost and set aside items you may need. Prepare the meal in our kitchen.
You can bring in prepared dishes. We love homemade meals and potlucks!
Bring your own ingredients and prepare the meal in our kitchen.
Can't cook or don't have time?  Have a meal delivered (e.g. Pizza, BBQ, Italian).

We ask that all meals be served by 5:30 pm.

We have the capacity to serve 20 men at Souls Harbor. Please keep this in mind when preparing servings.

Become a Mentor

We require all of our residents to work with a sponsor or mentor. This means spending time with a resident biweekly, keeping in touch, holding them accountable and encouraging them to make the right choices.

If you have experience in recovery, and are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email us at

Teach a Class

We offer many educational opportunities to our residents.  These opportunities include financial literacy, life skills, parenting, relationships, communication, interview preparation, and religious studies.  

If you feel that your talents would benefit Souls Harbor, and you’re willing to share your knowledge, please us at

Become a Partner

We love when a business, church or organization wants to partner with us. Partnerships can look like giving a recurring monthly donation, donating materials or food, helping us sponsor our fundraising events, or praying for us! 

If you'd like to become a sponsor, awesome! Please email us at for more information! 


We love volunteers who are willing to give their time. We have many different levels of volunteer opportunities from making a meal, helping us with facility maintenance, leading a devotional, to spending time with our residents.

Please email us at for more information.

Give Financially

Support a Resident

It costs $400 to provide services to each resident, each month. This breakdown includes shelter, utilities, care, case management, and food. If you'd like to sponsor a resident with a monthly donation, we would be honored.

Support Fundraising Events

Throughout the year Souls Harbor will put on fundraising events such as our gala or auction. If you'd like to donate time, resources, food, or money towards these events, please email us at


Our gala is a huge piece of fundraising and raising awareness for the work we do. We hold a gala once a year and it is a great time of fun, fellowship, and celebration for all the amazing miracles happening in our organization. From buying a table to donating towards the needs of our event, we'd be honored to have your help.

Lunch Tours

We love taking people on tours and telling them about all the good news happening here at Souls Harbor. If you're interested in taking a lunch tour with us and meeting our staff and residents, please email us at

Biking and running

Do you love biking or running? We're looking for help in organizing a 5K or Bike Race to help us fundraise! If interested, please email us at

In-Kind Donations

Men often arrive at Souls Harbor with very little.  We, therefore, gratefully accept household items, furniture, food, and toiletries for our residents.  If you would like to donate items, we welcome you to drop them off during operating hours (8:00am-7:00pm).

Become a Sponsor

We are looking for event and project sponsors who can help us complete projects and meet financial needs around our campus. If interested in sponsoring an event or project, please email us at

Become a Partner

Becoming a monthly sponsor would help us grow our influence and also help us build our yearly budget. We have some big goals ahead (expanding the clinic, adding more housing, hiring more staff) and we'd love to have your monthly support. To become a monthly sponsor, simple go to our donate page and complete our donation form! 

Buy Firewood

We take donations through logs and wood or by your purchase of a rick of firewood. Our men will even help you load it up or personally deliver! Stop by anytime M-F from 8:00am - 6:00pm for firewood! 

Let's change lives in Northwest Arkansas together.

Please support us with your very best donation.