Get Involved

Provide a Meal

Preparing a nutritious meal for our residents in our commercial kitchen (or bringing a meal from a local restaurant) is a wonderful way to volunteer your time and contribute to our growing need.

Become a Mentor

We require all of our residents to work with a sponsor or mentor.  If you have experience in recovery, and are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email us at


Teach a Class

We offer many educational opportunities to our residents.  These opportunities include financial literacy, life skills, parenting, relationships, communication, interview preparation, and religious studies.  If you feel that your talents would benefit Souls Harbor, and you’re willing to share your knowledge, please us at


Souls Harbor is a great time for corporate groups, school clubs, civic groups, or families to make a tangible difference in their own community, whether you can spend a few hours during the week or on the weekend.


We welcome several types of donations, whether financial, food, in-kind and vehicles.  All donations are tax deductible.