Julio Garcia

Peer to Peer Supervisor

Julio’s interest in serving the recovery community began in2013 when he himself began his recovery journey. Julio understands better than most what it means to struggle with addiction. Not only does Julio through the ongoing process of successful recovery, but he also lived through the overdose death of his oldest brother. When asked what recovery means to him, Julio enthusiastically answers by saying “he is grateful for everything he has been blessed with and for all the wonderful relationships he’s built and maintains to this very day. Julio sees his shared experience in the world of recovery as the greatest strength that he can bring to the table as a Peer-to-Peer Supervisor, no one knows what it’s really like to go through recovery unless you have gone through recovery yourself. Being bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish serves Julio well as it extends his Peer-to-Peer reach into a much broader community.  

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