How We Serve


We offer educational opportunities for our residents to build a foundation for the next stage in their recovery.

  • Life Skills

  • Financial Literacy

  • Communication

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Parenting



We connect our residents with leaders in our community to help them navigate this next step in their recovery.  All of our residents are required to have a job or be a full-time student.  We partner with many local churches, companies, and civic organizations to connect with sponsors and mentors.  We work with these partners to help employ, educate, support, and guide our residents.

We walk alongside men in recovery as they transition from living in poverty and addiction to rebuilding and restoring their lives.


We are a faith-based organization, connecting recovery to God’s mercy.  Our residents weekly attend a church of their choice , work with a sponsor, and participate in biblical studies.  We understand that we cannot do anything alone.  Our faith is our foundation.

Case Management

Our case manager works with each resident on an individual basis to set short and long-term goals, assist in applying for health insurance, and get paired with a sponsor.  The case manager also counsels the residents through regularly scheduled meetings and case plans.

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